Six Reasons the Blanket Octopus is My New Favorite Beautiful Sea Creature

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Given the internet’s obsession with both large cephalopods and bizarre animals, you’d think blanket octopuses would be all over it by now, especially during Cephalopod Week (June 22-29) and Pride Month (June). I mean, a two-meter-long octopus dressed like a fashion icon with literal rainbow flags?? HELLO! But the truth is, blanket octopuses are incredibly elusive. Very few videos exist, and not much is known about their biology. To help spread the word on these lovely creatures, here are all the best videos I’ve seen, plus six reasons why blanket octopuses are my favorite cephalopods.

1) The blanket octopus is stylish. The female blanket octopus (Tremoctopus spp.) spends its entire life in the open ocean, and looks fabulous doing so. Between the arms of the female blanket octopus are long sheets of patterned flesh for a truly stunning display as in the video below (plus more on this in #6).

2) Blanket octopus females are…

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Headcanon that in the new good future where Marty McFly never has his accident, he does become a famous musician, while still going on time travel adventures with Doc, and then when the internet comes along, people on forums and message boards start discovering and posting photos of people in the past who look eerily like famous rock star Marty McFly, and as time goes on, “Marty McFly is a time traveller” becomes one of the biggest and most long running memes on the internet.

When Doc finds out he freaks out and panicks and makes blog posts (because of COURSE Doc runs a blog) talking about how UTTERLY RIDICULOUS the idea of a time travelling rock star is, which the internet finds hilarious and only makes the meme spread more.

Marty meanwhile thinks the whole thing is the funniest thing ever and is just wheezing at every new forum or jokey article about it, and directly addresses the meme in interviews, bringing up this “crazy conspiracy” that people have, until eventually he can just say things like “well of course I am a time traveller” or “oh you like my hat? Thank you I got it in the 1910s”, and people just crack up, and Marty cracks up too because no-one realises that he’s not even lying.

When Marty starts doing this Doc’s blog posts get even more annoyed and passive aggressive, saying things like “even if time travel WAS possible, a SENSIBLE time traveller would KEEP OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE and not just TELL EVERYONE LIVE ON TV”

Eventually a secondary meme starts up where people start joking “Doctor Emmett Brown is a time traveller himself and that’s why he’s so worked up about it” and Doc very nearly just deletes his blog and throws his computer in a skip.


So in a new chapter of sauntering back vaguely downwards into the Harry Potter fandom, I’m having feelings about the Hufflepuff house because its so underplayed in the canon when it’s probably the unassuming danger.

Because Hufflepuff house qualities are loyalty, and hard work, an patience, and general niceness. Because Hufflepuff are mostly adorable yellow sunshines in the background.

But it’s actually not that, is it? Because that motto must’ve come later. At least not just that, because we know that when the Houses were founded, Sytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw all had exclusive criteria for choosing who gets to be in their houses. They made it a select club. And to paraphrase: ‘Helga Hufflepuff took the rest’.

Salazaar, Godric, and Rowena saw children who they subconsciously
wanted to mould into their ideals, and took them into their houses. Dungeons old as time for Slytherin, the rooms in the foundations on which Hogwarts was built for the ‘purest’ an ambitious of the lot. Find your destiny in these spaces, continue my legacy, he’d whisper, until he’d saturated the dungeons with it, until they whispered it back, years and decades, and centuries after he’s gone. Towers for the brave Gryffindors, and the clever Ravenclaws because heroes and intellectuals are always above the rest. Because heroes always have a tower to climb and this is a reminder, and intellectuals always have their head in the clouds. They start at the sky, watch over from the tower.

Helga Hufflepuff basically saw a bunch of wide eyed eleven year olds who
just came to the school that would become their second home for the
next 7 years. She saw the children who weren’t pure of blood or
ambitious enough like a snake for Salazaar, who weren’t brave or heroic enough like a lion for
Godric, who weren’t clever and smart enough like an eagle for Rowena. Helga Hufflepuff saw the remainders.

And she took those children under the flag of the badger and said “Come.” She gave them a room that
was on the ground, but filled with sun and smelled of earth and fresh baked bread and late
afternoon naps in the sunlight and evenings spent getting lost in old
stories and sanctuary, and home.

And she whispered to them, “Toil and hardwork and stubborn determination can bend the world as much as talent can.”

Helga saw wanderers and dreamers. “This is yours. This is where you start,” she said. “Keep your feet firmly on the ground, draw down the sun as a hat an braid stars into your hair
and fill your hearts with the seas if you want. Run all the roads and paths you want, or climb every hill or mountain or fly through the skies or swim to the depths of the oceans. But do not
sink, do not float, do not fall. And even if you do anchor yourself and start again. Remember this is where you begin, your path is open from here, and is yours to choose.”

She said, “Do not bring someone down. But do allow someone else to make you less, so they can make themselves more.”

Helga saw raw potential. “You are iron and flint, and this is your workshop” she said, “Forge yourselves however you want here; I will give you whatever you need. But do not grind yourselves down to dust.”

No, Helga Hufflepuff only saw children.

Children who are still blank slates, who won’t always just be clever or just be
brave or just be ambitious yet, at eleven. Who’ll be various combinations of them. Who’ll be none of that. Who’ll be all of that. Who’ll not be stagnant water mired in one thing but will explore and change and grow unimpeded by one house trait.

Children who will choose to become.

(The other founders forgot: the truly exceptional rise from the commons and ordinary. The blacksmiths, the bakers, the farmers, the tradesmen, the ones who quietly already make the world go round. The others just co-opt them later.)

Where the other founders saw the leftovers, Helga Hufflepuff saw children who would always be more. Now and for generations to come.

stolen wallet storytime


a few years ago i had my car broken into and my wallet stolen out of my glovebox. i was an idiot kid that regularly left my wallet in there so i wouldnt have to search for it before school

I had like fifteen bucks and my cards/ license in there. Obvs I cancelled my cards and was pretty pissed about having to replace my license, 

BUT like two days later a nice elderly lady came to the house and said she found my wallet on the side of the road like a street down. the money was gone but everything else was still there, which was great. I assumed whoever stole the wallet took the cash and copied the card numbers and ditched everything else.

BUT THEN, like a week later I was at a local amusement park with a friend in line for a haunted house and??? like a fifteen year old girl ran up to me while I was in line and took my hand and said “this is yours” and just, gave me $15????? And before I could say that it wasn’t mine, assuming she’d thought she’d seen me drop it, she ran off into the fuckin dark like a ghost

Was she the original thief?? Did she recognize me in the dark from my license picture?? Was she just an agent of cosmic karma returning my lost dollars to me?? this happened years ago and I still regularly think about it 

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