Six Reasons the Blanket Octopus is My New Favorite Beautiful Sea Creature

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Given the internet’s obsession with both large cephalopods and bizarre animals, you’d think blanket octopuses would be all over it by now, especially during Cephalopod Week (June 22-29) and Pride Month (June). I mean, a two-meter-long octopus dressed like a fashion icon with literal rainbow flags?? HELLO! But the truth is, blanket octopuses are incredibly elusive. Very few videos exist, and not much is known about their biology. To help spread the word on these lovely creatures, here are all the best videos I’ve seen, plus six reasons why blanket octopuses are my favorite cephalopods.

1) The blanket octopus is stylish. The female blanket octopus (Tremoctopus spp.) spends its entire life in the open ocean, and looks fabulous doing so. Between the arms of the female blanket octopus are long sheets of patterned flesh for a truly stunning display as in the video below (plus more on this in #6).

2) Blanket octopus females are…

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